handyman warrington
handyman warrington
Friendly & Capable Home Maintenance, Improvement, Repair & Gardening Services In and Around Warrington 07943 179967
Friendly & Capable Home Maintenance, Improvement, Repair & Gardening Services In and Around Warrington 07943 179967

Gardening Services: 

We provide quality, professional services in the areas shown below:

Lawncare Lawnmowing & edging, moss removal, aerattion, scarification, weeding, repair, turf laying, feeding
Weed Control Weeding, Weedkiller Application, Strimming, Brushcutting, Weed Control Membrane Installation, Mulch & Gravel Application
Landscaping Paths, Patios, Decking, 
Buildings Sheds, Stables, Garages, Gazebos, Summerhouses, Playhouses, Treehouses, Hot-tub surrounds, Wood-stores (Building, Repair & Maintenance)
Pruning Hedge trimming, Strimming, Pruning
Security Gates, Fences, Locks, Lighting
Flower beds Weeding, planting, raised bed construction.
Tree Maintenance Lopping & Shaping - Shrubs & Small Trees
Jungle Clearance Claiming Back Your Garden !
Irrigation/Watering Installation of automated irrigation systems & rainwater collection systems
Garden Electrics RCD Protected installations, Lighting
Displays Hanging baskets, containers, window boxes, (installed, filled & re-filled)

We can never list everything we do, so if you need a household job doing, that isn't shown above, please give us a call.


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